Headquarters of Oxygon Technologies Inc.

OTI is in the business of providing unique hydrogen peroxide and general cleaning products to 

1)the institutional market , 

2) the residential market, 

3)the pet industry, and 

4)the hospitality industry. 

Our hydrogen peroxide formulas create OH radicals, they break down rotted, fungal, contaminated and bacteria infected matter into water (H2O) and fresh oxygen (O2). The minute residual co-reactants are non toxic, non corrosive, absent of VOC’s and are environmentally insignificant. Since 1999,  these chemicals has been the standard by which others (similar products) are judged.

Over the years, the product has been modified and perfected to enable an ordinary housekeeper to use it safely and effortlessly. And yet, it is a powerful and effective commercial cleaner.

Oxygon Technologies focuses on the cleaning and disinfection market. The cleaning product industry is (over) saturated with thousands of cleaning chemicals that make exaggerated claims. Our goal is to be the “Apple Computer” of this industry. 



 Five years of development and testing resulted in a unique invention, a plastic aerosol. Our invention can withstand pressures that are limited only by the valve stem, about 350 PSI .

Our aerosol is flexible in design, environmentally green, inexpensive and cheaper to fill and produce than metal aerosols.

In the fall of 2016, we will post all the product knowledge.


Here's a sample:


250 and 500 ml